Star Kayaks

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Be Safe.   Have Fun.   Look Good.


These principles guide everything we do at Star Kayaks.  From design and build through to our daily lives, everything must pass this test.


Star Kayaks is a collaborative design project from New Zealand's North Shore.  We are a small group of enthusiasts, designers and lovers of adventure.

Our aim is to create boats to have fun in, safely.  We realised very early on to achieve this we need to not only think differently but also act differently.


Our first kayak is challenging the status quo.  

The S14 is designed for how people actually paddle and is opening new doors for beginners and experienced paddlers alike.


What's next for Star Kayaks?


The journey continues with work in the community on making water sports safer, more accessible and FUN.


Our projects are influenced by dozens of people along the way.  And this includes you.  If there is anything you would like to share please email us at  


You never know where the conversation might lead.