Star Kayaks

Love Your Star


If you love your Star Kayak it will look after you in return.

Set up, care and maintenance are important parts of owning a kayak.  But don't worry, it's not as difficult as some would like you to believe.  

Here's a few pointers to start with and if you have any questions visit your local Kayak Store or drop us a line.


Setting Up Your Star Kayak

There are a couple things you can adjust to get the most out of your boat and make paddling more comfortable.  You may find your preferences change over time or even different settings feel better depending on the conditions.

  • Steering Peddles

    • place the ball of your foot on the peddle and use your toes to tap the steering pads
    • adjust length by pulling the leaver behind the peddle and slide it back/forth
    • if required, change the angle of the steering pads using the steering adjuster
  • Backrest

    • adjust the strap and elastic behind the backrest so you are comfortable and sitting upright
    • your backrest will soften slightly and mould to you during the first couple of paddles
    • different sizes and styles of backrest are available through your local Kayak Store
  • Rudder line

    • to deploy, pull the rudder line and lock it in the clam cleat (right hand side, behind the cockpit)
    • un-cleat the line and let it go, the spring loaded rudder blade will kick back up
    • remember to release the rudder blade as you come into shore or when in shallow areas
  • Customisation

There is an endless list of things you could do with your Star Kayak, here's just a few to start you off:

    • add a glove box, bottle holder, rod holders, cockpit fairing or venturi
    • extra padding on the seat, backrest or under your heels
    • fittings for a sail or your spare paddle
    • add some colour in the form of deck lines and vinyl decals


Care and Maintenance

  • Cleaning

    • rinse your kayak and paddling gear with fresh water after use
    • use warm water and a mild detergent every now and then for a good clean
    • stubborn marks can be removed with Isopropyl Alcohol and a soft white cloth
    • please, do not use solvent cleaners on your Star Kayak
  • Maintenance

    • regularly check all moving parts, lines and fittings for wear & tear
    • clean, tighten or replace items as required
    • replacement and spare parts are available through our STORE
  • Transporting your Star Kayak

    • make sure your kayak is properly secure before every journey
    • use proper kayak cradles to prevent damage - we prefer Yakima roof racks and cradles
    • if transporting in wet weather use a cockpit cover (or open the venturi) to prevent water pooling
    • on long trips and poor weather, recheck tie downs and boat position regularly
  • Kayak Storage

    • protect your Star Kayak from prolonged exposure to the elements
    • store upside down, under cover and off the ground where possible
    • if slinging, use cradles or webbing straps either side of the cockpit
    • do not hang from handles
    • remove hatch covers to allow airflow in all compartments


And remember - Be Safe.  Have Fun.  Look Good.