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RedZ Journey


First Continuous Circumnavigation of New Zealand by Kayak

New Year's Eve of 2016 saw Lynn "Red" Paterson arrive on Takapuna Beach in Auckland and complete her circumnavigation of New Zealand by kayak.

Visit Lynn at where you buy her book "Finding Solo" about this amazing adventure and what went on behind the scene.

Numerous articles and posts have been written about the journey including appearing on both TV1 and TV3.

Star Kayaks has the ongoing privilege of working with Lynn and her Team.  We are inspired by what she has achieved - and the reminder that by taking small steps each day one can accomplish great feats.


  • First Person to continuously kayak around New Zealand
  • Oldest person (54 years)
  • Smallest craft (4.35 meters)
  • First plastic kayak (Star S14 Hybrid)


  • Average speed 6.5 km/h (including breaks)
  • Longest day 85.35 km (14 hours and 30 minutes on the water)
  • Fastest recorded speed 11.75 km/h
  • Longest solo stretch 45 days (in Fiordland)
  • Total distance paddled 5846 km
  • Over 3,000,000 paddle strokes