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A14 Ski


A14 Ski


The A14 Ski is where your paddling fun begins. This base ski gets you on the water in a lightweight and cost effective kayak.  A great choice for clubs, schools and anyone looking to get on the water.

And as your paddling needs change, so can your A14 Ski.  All the hatches and fittings can be retrofitted transforming your A14 into the S14 Ski.

Key features

  • Stable and efficient - less effort to paddle, reducing fatigue allowing you to go further and do more.
  • Open cockpit - easy to get in and out of, from both the land and the water.
  • Venturi (self bailer) - empties the cockpit while you’re paddling
  • Drain plug - breather for your ski


Our clean design enables you to set up the A14 Ski for how you like to paddle. 

Add a sail, fishing rod holder or even the fairing and spray skirt to make your A14 Ski a full hybrid kayak.


  • Length           435 cm
  • Width            60 cm
  • Weight           18 kg
  • Cockpit          145 cm x 45 cm, 85 litres
  • Construction  Vacuum Formed Plastics