Star Kayaks

Star K14




Star Kayaks are a Hybrid of Surf Skis, Sit On Tops and traditional Kayaks – combining their best features.

The K14 Kayak is a boat for paddlers of all abilities to have fun in.  Compact in length it is easy to manoeuvre and surprisingly quick.

Explore the shoreline, surf a swell or wander down a river. In this versatile boat you can do it all.

Key features

  • Stable and efficient - less effort to paddle, reducing fatigue allowing you to go further and do more.
  • Three watertight hatches - plenty of usable storage space for multi-day trips or your picnic blanket and hamper.


Our clean design enables you to set up the K14 Kayak for how you like to paddle.  


  • Length           435 cm
  • Width            60 cm
  • Weight           22 kg
  • Storage          175 litres: 65 front, 110 rear
  • Cockpit          110 cm x 45 cm, 85 litres
  • Skirt Size       Standard
  • Construction  Vacuum Formed Plastics