Star Kayaks

Why Star Kayaks


We make kayaks to have fun in.

We want to see more people having fun in boats, safely.

Our challenge was twofold. To develop a kayak for beginners to learn skills and build their confidence in without being left behind by the group. But also a kayak for advanced paddlers to play in and push their boundaries.

To realise this we took a different design approach.

Star Kayaks are Hybrids.  

We've taken the best features from Surf Skis, Sit on Tops and traditional Kayaks to make something more exciting.  Star Kayaks are also designed for how people actually paddle, not how they should paddle.

Here are some of the features and the advantages you'll see:

  • Large cockpit opening

    • get in and out of your boat easier from both the land and water
    • makes kayaking more accessible to more people
    • you won't feel "trapped" inside a Star Kayak
  • Efficient and stable hull

    • a Star Kayak takes less effort to paddle, minimising your fatigue
    • you'll spend less energy staying upright, giving you more energy to paddle
    • go further, see and do more
  • Monocoque cockpit

    • if you fall out your Star Kayak won't sink
    • you can still paddle with water in the cockpit
    • just tip the boat on its side to empty (even while in the water)
  • Compact length

    • great acceleration so you can quickly get out of trouble or onto that wave
    • easier to control, less boat to be pushed around by wind and waves
    • optimized for cruising, a longer boat isn't always a faster boat
    • easier for you to carry and store your Star Kayak

They're New Zealand-made and designed

From the beginning we wanted to make kayaks which catered to New Zealand conditions and paddlers. New Zealand has a broad range of water conditions so if a boat will work here it will work anywhere.

We designed them with that in mind and we make them ourselves in our own factory just north of Auckland.

Those who paddle a Star Kayak will know.

We're excited about our designs and what our boats will bring to your paddling experience.  

We could talk all day about  Star Kayaks  and how great they are.... but the best way to share in this experience is for you to visit one of our stockists and go for a paddle.

New Zealand-made and designed to ensure the highest quality.