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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a Star Kayak?

Star Kayaks are Hybrids.  We've taken the best features from Surf Skis, Sit on Tops and traditional Kayaks to make something a little more versatile and a lot more exciting.


Where can I paddle the S14?

In short, almost everywhere.  Star Kayaks are equally at home on rivers and lakes as the sea and inner harbor.  And the only reason why we say "almost everywhere" is that we're still discovering new places to paddle and new things to do in kayaks.


Why is the cockpit opening so big?

The large opening makes it much easier to get in and out of a Star Kayak.  There is no fear of getting stuck in your boat if capsized.  And you can even get back into the S14 from the water.


The S14 is only 4.3 meters long, how did you make it so quick?

The Star Kayaks S14 has been optimized for quick acceleration and to travel at hull speed with very little effort.  It may not have the top end of some other boats but it cruises at the same speed as many kayaks up to a meter longer.


Why would I paddle a shorter boat?

To start with, FUN.  Smaller boats are more responsive and easier to handle.  Also they're less likely to be pushed around by the wind and waves.  And the speed of the S14 means you're not really giving anything away.


How does the Venturi work?

The Venturi (self bailer) in the S14 Ski drains water from the cockpit while you are paddling.  When the venturi door is open/down a low pressure differential is created that sucks the water out.  Remember to close the door if stationary or paddling slowly to stop water flowing back into the boat.


Can I add the Cockpit Fairing or Venturi after I've purchased a boat?

Yes.  Both the Fairing and Venturi can be added later.  Currently this can only be done at the factory but we are working on some new options for you.


Why is the S14 is a different colour on the inside?

Our plastic is a co-extruded sheet.  The outside is white and is new or virgin plastic.  The inside is a combination of new and recycled plastics from our manufacturing process.  


Can I Eskimo Roll the S14?

Yes.  The S14 is designed to be paddled like a Ski but we have successfully tested hip blocks, rolling straps and seat belts.  Our R&D Department, aka "the old guys", are always playing with new ideas.... so watch this space!



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